Dargah Foundation



In the statutes of foundation (article 3) the following objectives are formulated:

  • Giving support to schooling and educational projects, including an informal school for underprivileged children from neglected environments, slums and refugee camps.
  • Giving support to projects in behalf of the emancipation of women en related purposes, like the afore mentioned “income generating projects” and projects that are set up to teach handicraft.
  • Giving support to musical schooling, meant for children mentioned in article 1 in particular and for young talented musicians; with an emphasis on the spiritual basis of music.
  • Giving support to related projects in the spirit of the Sufi Message of love, harmony and beauty and of interreligious dialogue.

The foundation tries to reach this goal by collecting en maintaining gifts, bequests and legacies in behalf of the social and cultural work of the Hazrat Inayat Khan Memorial Trust, based in New Delhi, India, and institutes with related objectives or goals that can be derived from the objectives of the trust.

The foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam with number 34125090.